查詢電話:2743 9488、5603 8795

  1. 報名日期:2022年1月3日(星期一)至2022年1月17日(星期一)
  1. 報名手續:



        星期一至星期五( 9:00a.m.-5:00pm)

        星期六( 9:00a.m.-12:30pm)



  1. 報名時需的攜備文件 及 照片:
  • 中一自行分配學位申請表(由教育局發出)
  • 本校的「中一自行收生申請表」
  • 近照一張
  • 出生証明書或身份證副本(面試時必須帶備正本作核對之用)
  • 小學五、六年級成績表副本(面試時必須帶備正本作核對之用)

   *** (不需提交小學推薦信)***

  1. 面試 及 取錄 安排
  • 所有申請學生須於2022年4月9日(星期六)進行網上面試,如因疫情緣故安排有任何改動,將另行通知。
  • 取錄通知:獲取錄之正取學生,本校將於2022年5月4日(星期三)致電及發信通知其家長。(請家長於申請表格內,清楚列明聯絡電話及郵寄地址。)
  1. 下載申請表格


  1. 收生準則:
  • 本校之中一自行分配學位學額:40個;
  • 小學五年級全年及六年級上學期學業成績(30%);
  • 面試表現(30%)
  • 操行表現(15%);
  • 其他傑出表現(15%);
  • 曾參與課外活動和服務表現(10%

Notes on Application for Secondary One Discretionary Places

Telephone Enquiry Number:2743 9488、5603 8795

  1. Application period: 3 January 2022 (Monday) – 17 January 2022 (Monday)
  2. Application procedure:

Applicants can collect a copy of “Secondary One Discretionary Places Admission Application Form” in person from Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School or download it from the school website. Completed forms are to be submitted to the school general office during the following office hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Saturdays: 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

*** Office is closed on public holidays ***

In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, if parents are unable to submit the form in person or via an authorized personnel, forms and other documents can be submitted via post within the application period (The postmark date will be regarded as the date of application.).

  1. Required documents:
  • Secondary One Discretionary Places Application Form (issued by the Education Bureau)
  • “S1 Discretionary Places Admission Application Form” from our school
  • A recent photo of applicant
  • Photocopy of birth certificate or identification document (True copy is to be presented during interview for identification purposes.)
  • Photocopy of academic results in P.5 and P.6 (True copy is to be presented during interview for identification purposes.)

*** Reference letters from primary schools are NOT required. ***

  1. Interview and selection:
  • All applicants are required to attend an online interview on 9 April 2022(Saturday). Notifications will be issued in the case of any changes made regarding interview arrangements caused by the pandemic.
  • Selection results: Parents of selected applicants will be contacted via phone and post by 4 May 2022 (Wednesday) (Parents are reminded to ensure that the contact number and mailing address are clearly written in the application form.).
  1. Download application form:

S1 Discretionary Places Admission Application Form (2022-2023)

  1. Selection criteria and weighting:
  • Number of secondary one discretionary places: 40
  • Academic results in P.5 and Term 1 of P.6 (30%)
  • Interview performance (30%)
  • Conduct (15%)
  • Other outstanding achievements (15%)
  • Performance in extra-curricular activities and/or community service (10%